Congratulations to our 2020 Presidential Electors!

Lois Anderson

Stephen Bates

Greg Barreto

Vikki Breese Iverson

Dan Mason

E. Werner Reschke

Jeff Reynolds

Congratulations to our newly elected Congressional District Officers!

CD 1 Officers

Chair: Kevin Hoar

Vice Chair: Jeff Grossman

Alternate Chair: 

Alternate Vice Chair: Christian Honl

Secretary: Dick Courter

Treasurer: Glenn Miller

CD 2 Officers

Chair: John Philo

Vice Chair: Larry Moore

Alternate Chair: Suzan Ellis Jones

Alternate Vice Chair: Rick Brown


Treasurer: Pati Horton

CD 3 Officers

Chair: Kevin Moss

Vice Chair: Jeff Reynolds

Alternate Chair: Mark Shull

Alternate Vice Chair: John Lee



CD 4 Officers

Chair: Kathy Shindler

Vice Chair: Kathey Linn

Alternate Chair: Lucas Nelson

Alternate Vice Chair: Mellissa Barnard

Secretary: Mary Schilling

Treasurer: Calvin Linn

CD 2

CD 5 Officers

Chair: David Darnell 

Vice Chair: Jessica Davidson

Alternate Chair: Jeff Heyen

Alternate Vice Chair: Les Poole

Secretary: Jessica Snook

Treasurer: Ron Mitts



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