Election Day is

Tuesday, November 3, 2020



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Federal and Statewide Candidates

President of the United States

Donald J. Trump

United States Senate

Jo Rae Perkins

United States House of Representatives

First Congressional District - Christopher Christensen

Second Congressional District - Cliff Bentz

Third Congressional District - Joanna Harbour

Fourth Congressional District - Alek Skarlatos

Fifth Congressional District - Amy Ryan Courser

Oregon Secretary of State

Kim Thatcher

Oregon State Treasurer

Jeff Gudman

Oregon House and Senate Candidates


State Representatives

State Senators

1st District - David Brock Smith

2nd District - Gary Leif 

3rd District - Lily Morgan

4th District - Duane Stark

5th District - Sandra Abercrombie

6th District - Kim Wallan

7th District - Cedric Hayden

8th District - Timothy Aldal

9th District - Boomer Wright 

10th District - Max Sherman

11th District - Katie Boshart Glaser

12th District - Ruth Linoz 

13th District - David Smith

14th District - Rich Cunningham 

15th District - Shelly Boshart Davis

16th District - Jason Hughes

17th District - Jami Cate 

18th District - Rick Lewis 

19th District - Raquel Moore-Green 

20th District - Selma Pierce

21st District - Jack Esp

22nd District - Anna Kasachev

23rd District - Mike Nearman

24th District - Ron Noble  

25th District - Bill Post

26th District - Peggy Stevens 

27th District = Sandra Nelson

28th District - Daniel Martin

29th District - Dale Fishback

31st District - Brian Stout

32nd District - Suzanne Weber 

33rd District - Dick Courter 

35th District - Bob Niemeyer

36th District - James Ball 

37th District - Kelly Sloop

38th District - Patrick Castles

39th District - Christine Drazen 

40th District - Josh Howard

41st District - Michael Newgard 

44th District - Margo Logan

47th District - Ryan Gardner

49th District - Greg Johnson 

50th District = Amelia Salvador 

51st District - Jane Hayes

52nd District - Jeff Helfrich

53rd District - Jack Zika

54th District - Cheri Helt

55th District - Vikki Breese-Iverson

56th District - E. Werner Reschke

57th District - Greg Smith 

58th District - Bobby Levy

59th District - Daniel Bonham  

60th District - Mark Owens

1st District - Dallas Heard

2nd District - Art Robinson

5th District - Dick Anderson

9th District - Fred Girod 

10th District - Denyc Boles

12th District - Brian Boquist

14th District - Harmony Mulkey 

25th District - Justin Hwang

27th District - Tim Knopp

28th District - Dennis Linthicum

29th District - Bill Hansell  

30th District - Lynn Findley 



Ballot Measure  107​

Authorizes the state legislature and local governments to (1) enact laws or ordinances limiting campaign contributions and expenditures; (2) requires disclosure of contributions and expenditures; and (3) require that political advertisements identify the people or entities that paid for them.

'While many think this will finally get “money out of politics” that sentiment is far from the truth. Money is always going to play a major role in political campaigns. What this measure would do is shift money away from candidates and to third parties, who will promote and advertise on behalf of candidates. The result of this ballot measure passing means during future campaigns you will hear far less from a candidate directly than you will from special interest groups about a candidate." (Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke; Oregon Catalyst; 10/8/2020)

Recommended: NO Vote


Ballot Measure  108​

Increases cigarette tax from $1.33 per pack to $3.33 per pack; imposes tax on nicotine inhalant delivery systems such as e-cigarettes at a rate of 65% of the wholesale price; dedicates revenues to the Oregon Health Authority for medical and health programs.

"Today tens of thousands of California and Washington residents come to Oregon in order to buy tobacco products, and at the same time many other products, because our current tobacco tax makes these products far less expensive to purchase in Oregon. If this measure passes it will raise the tax on Oregon tobacco sales so that residents from California and Washington will be far less interested to shop in Oregon. This will not just hurt tobacco businesses in border towns such as Lakeview and Klamath Falls but also other local retail businesses and restaurants." (Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke; Oregon Catalyst; 10/8/2020)

Recommended: NO Vote


Ballot Measure  109​

Legalizes psilocybin mushrooms for Oregon Psilocybin Services Program under the Oregon Health Authority.

"This ballot measure tries to use the same method as “Medical Marijuana” in order to legitimize this new “drug” market. The passage of this ballot measure will only grow the size of the Oregon Health Authority and mean more tax dollars necessary to regulate and manage this new legalization." (Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke; Oregon Catalyst; 10/8/2020)

Recommended: NO Vote

Ballot Measure  110​

Decriminalizes possession of certain drugs and establishes a drug addiction treatment and recovery program funded by the state’s marijuana tax revenue.

"The second part of this ballot measure is harmless; it is the first part that is radical. This measure, in essence, legalizes hard drugs by eliminating the external disincentives to posses and use them. The drugs included in this ballot measure include cocaine, heroin and meth. This measure, if passed, would change possession of these detrimental and addictive drugs from a Class A misdemeanor (up to $6,250 and one year in jail) to a Class E violation ($100 fine)."  (Oregon State Rep. E. Werner Reschke; Oregon Catalyst; 10/8/2020)

Recommended: NO Vote



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