Election Dates


10/13/2020 - Last day to register to vote

11/3/2020 - Election Day

Click here to check your voter registration and after the election, check to make sure your vote was received! 


Federal and Statewide Candidates

Oregon House and Senate Candidates

All Candidates

Voter Registration 

If you are currently registered to vote in Oregon but wish

to change to Republican you may switch at any time.

If you want to vote for any of the Republican Candidates in the May Primary Election, you must be a registered Republican.  In the November General Election, you can vote for your favorite candidate no matter what party you are registered in. 


If you have received ballots in the past, but haven't received

a ballot for the current election and/or have moved within your county recently (ballots are not forwarded), contact your county elections office to determine if you can update your voter registration and still receive a ballot for the current election.


Federal and Statewide Candidates

President of the United States

Donald J. Trump - 

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United States Senate

Jo Rae Perkins - 

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United States House of Representatives

First Congressional District

Christopher C. Christensen - 

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Second Congressional District

Cliff Bentz -

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Third Congressional District

Joanna Harbour - 

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Fourth Congressional District

Alek Skarlatos -

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Fifth Congressional District

Amy Ryan Courser -

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Oregon Secretary of State

Kim Thatcher - 

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Oregon State Treasurer

Jeff Gudman -


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Oregon House and Senate Candidates

Oregon State Representatives

State Representative 1st District

David Brock Smith - 

State Representative 2nd District

Gary Leif - 

State Representative 3rd District

Lily Morgan - 

State Representative 4th District

Duane Stark - 


State Representative 5th District

Sandra A. Abercrombie - 

State Reprentative 6th District

Kim Wallan - 

State Representative 7th District

Cedric Hayden - 

State Representative 8th District

Timothy W. Aldal - 

State Representative 9th District

Boomer Wright - 


State Representative 10th District

Max Sherman - 

State Representative 11th District

Katie Boshart Glaser - 

State Representative 12th District

Ruth Linoz - 

State Representative 13th District

David J Smith - 

State Representative 14th District

Rich Cunningham -


State Representative 15th District

Shelly Boshart Davis - 

State Representative 16th District

Jason Hughes - 

State Representative 17th District

Jami Cate - 

State Representative 18th District

Rick Lewis - 

State Representative 19th District

Raquel Moore-Green - 


State Representative 20th District

Selma Pierce -  

State Representative 21st District

Jack L. Esp - 

State Representative 22nd District

Anna Kasachev - 

State Representative 23rd District

Mike Nearman - 

State Representative 24th District

Ron Noble - 


State Representative 25th District

Bill Post - 

State Representative 26th District

Peggy Stevens - 

State Representative 27th District

Sandra Nelson - 

State Representative 28th District

Daniel R. Martin - 

State Representative 29th District

Dale Fishback -

State Representative 31st District

Brian G. Stout - 

State Representative 32nd District

Suzanne Weber - 

State Representative 33rd District

Dick Courter - 


State Representative 35th District

Bob Niemeyer - 

State Representative 36th District

James A. Ball - 

State Representative 37th District

Kelly Sloop -

State Representative 38th District

Patrick Castles - 

State Representative 39th District

Christine Drazen - 


State Representative 40th District

Josh Howard -

State Representative 41st District

Michael Newgard - 

State Representative 44th District

Margo Logan -

State Representative 47th District

Ryan Gardner - 

State Representative 49th District

Greg Johnson - 


State Representative 50th District

Amelia Salvador - 

State Representative 51st District

Jane J. Hayes -

State Representative 52nd District

Jeff Helfrich -

State Representative 53rd District

Jack Zika - 

State Representative 54th District

Cheri Helt - 


State Representative 55th District

Vikki Breese-Iverson - 

State Representative 56th District

E. Werner Reschke - 

State Representative 57th District

Greg Smith - 

State Representative 58th District

Bobby Levy - 

State Representative 59th District

Daniel G. Bonham - 


State Representative 60th District

Mark Owens - 

Oregon State Senators

State Senator 1st District

Dallas Heard - 

State Senator 2nd District

Art Robinson -

State Senator 5th District

Dick Anderson - 

State Senator 9th District

Fred Frank Girod - 


State Senator 10th District

Denyc Boles - 

State Senator 12th District

Brian J. Boquist -

State Senator 14th District

Harmony K. Mulkey - 

State Senator 25th District

Justin Hwang - 

State Senator 27th District

Tim Knopp - 

State Senator 28th District

Dennis Linthicum - 

State Senator 29th District

Bill Hansell -  

State Senator 30th District

Lynn P. Findley - 

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