Apply to be a Delegate to

the RNC Convention in 2020



From August 24-27, 2020, an anticipated 45,000 delegates, alternate delegates, party officials, volunteers, members of the media, and convention guests will gather in Charlotte, NC, for the 2020 Republican National Convention. The host city will be showcased on an international level as the Republican Party highlights its strong principles and nominates the next president of the United States. Click here for more information about the 2020 Republican National Convention.


Elected Precinct Committee Persons, or PCPs, from Oregon’s five Congressional Districts will meet in one location for the Delegate Selection Convention and the Congressional District Conventions on June 20, 2020, in Portland, to vote on who will be Oregon’s 25 elected Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention.  At the National Convention these delegates will cast their vote for the Republican Presidential Nominee and experience the excitement of participating in the 2020 Republican National Convention.


Are you interested in becoming a Delegate or Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention for Oregon? If you have been registered as a Republican for at least 180 days prior to the May 19, 2020 Primary Election you are eligible to run for Delegate or Alternate Delegate.  Click here to fill the application online  or download the online application form.



Those interested in becoming a Delegate or Alternate delegate for the 2020 Republican National Convention will need to fill out an application and submit the $50.00 filing fee by MAY 7, 2020.

All applications will be forwarded to the Trump 2020 Campaign for vetting.


PCP’s elected in May of 2020 will be voting at the June 20th Convention for the Delegates and Alternate Delegates. There are 10 at-large and 15 Congressional District delegates, plus their Alternates, and three for the RNC elected members:  State Party Chair, National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman. The total size of the Oregon Delegation is 53 members.


The Delegates and Alternate Delegates will meet immediately after the election on June 20th and will be required to pay $350.00 at that time for convention activities. At this meeting the Chair of the Delegation and the convention committee representatives will be elected, one man and one woman, to each of the four convention committees: Rules Committee, Platform Committee, Credentials Committee, and Permanent Organization. If elected to one of the committees, you will have to be in Charlotte the week prior to the Convention for the committee meetings. This will be an additional cost to you for transportation, meals, and hotel. The schedule has not yet been set by the RNC.  Costs for the Convention will be approximately $3K to $4K per person and must be paid by each delegate/alternate delegate. This is for hotel, airfare, meals, and incidentals. (This will be more if you are elected to a convention committee.)


We have been assigned a hotel in the Charlotte area. The rates are $250+ per night plus tax, for a minimum of five (5) nights. All delegates/alternate delegates must be in Charlotte on Sunday for credentials and an organizational and informational meeting. Flights to Charlotte are limited. Either you need to fly in on Saturday (this would be an extra night at the hotel) or take a “red-eye” flight on Saturday night. The Credential Meeting on Sunday is mandatory.    More information will be available as we receive it from the RNC Committee on Arrangements.



At the Delegate Selection Convention on June 20, 2020, PCPs will also elect Oregon’s seven Presidential Electors who will cast Oregon’s Electoral College votes if we win Oregon for our Presidential nominee in the General Election on November 3, 2020.  The information on how you can be considered to be an elector who will cast a vote in the Electoral College is located in the special rules.